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When purchasing an electric scooter there's no "one size fits all". So how do you know what to look for? The answer would be answered best by determining what your needs are. Are you looking for a fun toy to escape on during the weekends? A power commuter to get you to the office and back while avoiding traffic.? Or perhaps an ultra light portable scooter to toss in the car? This is a question only you can answer but we've narrowed it down for you to help. The categories are as follows
The budget electric scooters are the smallest and lightest and can cost up to 500USD. These scooters are compact and light with minimal features and specs. They are excellent for fun joy rides around the block or for short rides. But they typically won't take you far or carry you very fast, and best for smooth flat ground. 
Then there's your mid tier scooter, which ranges from higher -end entry level scooters, to power commuters, and can even start to hit the threshold of beginner performance scooters. These scooters are slightly bigger with more range and speed, while still being portable. They can cost anywhere from 500VUSD TO !500USD with more features like suspension, better brakes , and bigger batteries and motors. 
Lastly, there's the high end performance "hyper" scooters. This category will start around 1500 USD and get as high as 3000 USD or more. If your considering this category your probably already have experience with scooters and want the very best.  
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